Thursday, 23 August 2012



 If you're planning a trip to Australia anytime soon you may be interested to know the top nine Tourist Destinations. So here at Australian titles we put together this video to show you in glorious color what they are! If you want to see the mall you'll have to Travel all over the country and it's a big country. Because opinions made very about these destinations but after much research soul-searching and having personally Visited each one at some stage we believe that these are the top ten best places to see if you Travel-ling to Australia.

                           At number nine the Kimberley’s, the ancient steep sided mountain ranges of northwest in Australia with spectacular rugged gorges and Steve ridges breathtaking waterfalls and bottomless shimmering likes.
                                                         Barossa valley
                           Number eight the Barossa valley the major wine producing area in Australia top Tourist Destination in South Australia and home of the world famous ten falls grange red wine. 

                                                          Gold Coast
                             Coming in at number seven the gold coast in southeastern Queensland, beautiful surfing beaches, amazing canals and waterway systems, perfect weather all year round exciting night life had Mecca for Tourists.

                                                  Kaka do national park  
                               While at number six, kaka do national park in the northern territory renowned for the richness of its aboriginal cultural sites there are more than five thousand recorded oxides illustrating aboriginal culture over a period of twenty thousand Years.
                                                      Great Ocean Road
                               Now at number five the great ocean road an Australian national heritage listed two hundred and forty three kilometer stretch of road along the southeastern coast of Victoria. Some of the most amazing scenery and landmark Tourist attractions you'll ever see.  
                                                 Melbourne Victoria
                            At number four is the city of Melbourne Victoria out second largest city and often referred to as the cultural capital of Australia and the garden city. It's also a renowned for its love of sports shopping and finds food restaurants.

                                               Island state of Tasmania
                               Cited a number three and this time it's the whole Island state of Tasmania. It's cold is promoted as the natural state intuits’ lies and relatively unspoiled natural environment almost thirty seven percent of tears mania lies in the reserves national parks and world heritage sites. 

                                                    Great Barrier Reef

                          Coming in at number two one of the recognizable natural wonders of the world the great barrier reef of the northern Queensland coast. It's the world's largest reach system without the two thousand nine hundred individual race and nine hundred islands stretching from about three hundred and forty four thousand square kilometers and is clearly visible from space. 

                                                  Sydney Harbor Bridge
                           And at Number one Sydney and it's harbor. Australia’s largest city and arguably the most stunning harbor anywhere in the world with the Sydney harbor bridge and the iconic tale of the Sydney opera house. On a beautiful clear day that same will literally take your breath away .So there you have it the top ten Tourist Destinations in Australia. If you are planning a trip down under you should try to include at least some of them in your itinerary.


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